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Even if you marry an Emirati, you’re not allowed to apply for citizenship.

The United Arab Emirates doesn’t operate like most countries where you can apply for citizenship when you marry a citizen or have permanent residency for a predetermined number of years.

Air conditioning becomes your life line, the Indian Ocean can feel like a bath tub, and if you happen to have the finances and holidays to do so, you’ll likely join the summer exodus and get out of town. Either offence might have you stripped of your passport, fined up to ,000, and tried in a court (that’s conducted only in Arabic) before being mercilessly thrown in jail. The mega malls have VIP parking for luxury cars and you can have your Maserati handwashed while you shop.

Premium vehicles (only 2 or 3 years old) regularly sell for drastically slashed prices and you’ll never, ever see a 16-year-old Pontiac on the street.

But in Dubai the weekends start on Thursday and end on Saturday, which makes Sunday the dreaded first day of the week, Thursday the new TGIF, and Friday the best day for brunching.

One of the first things that you’ll notice when you land in Dubai is that there are endless stretches of sand and countless skyscrapers… While there are a few communities like Arabian Ranches, JBR, or the Greens that have a place to ride your bike or walk your dog, most of the communities here are just rows of high rises connected by an eight lane super highway called Sheikh Zayed Road.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being asked to leave a mall because your tank top is too offensive and your shorts are too short.

If this ever happens to you, a security guard will tentatively walk over and flash you a square red card that literally has the rules of how to dress appropriately in public on the back.

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It was so easy to get the visa approved.’ So far, so good. And once you’re on the career ladder, the pace doesn’t seem to slow either.Increasingly – and interestingly – more of these young expats are women. Tales of British expats getting deported – or worse, landing themselves in jail after pissed nights out – are rife, while the gender inequality and habitual sexism sound exhausting. We spoke some twenty-something ladies that recently made the move from Britain to Dubai to find out what life as an expat in is really like.The one thing that everyone but one agreed on is that a move to Dubai will only be a good thing for your career (and your bank balance).For 28 days there are blackout curtains on every restaurant and it’s forbidden to eat or drink in public during the day.Even drinking from a water bottle while walking to your car can get you accosted by the police.

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